There is only one of you! You are what makes your business stand out in the masses!

there is only one of you

There is only one of you! You are what makes your business stand out in the masses!

¬†As human beings it is natural for us to want to be loved and accepted by everyone. However, this dream is unrealistic and if perused can lead to heartbreak. We are never going to be able to please everyone… We can try, but the result is a constant changing of who we are to conform to what others want. People are far too diverse to all be happy with the same things. As a business owner in a creative industry that can be very hard to come to terms with and I still struggle with it from time to time. When you put your heart and soul into creating something for someone your desire is for them to fall in love with what you have created. Most of the time this is the case, but there are those few times when it is the opposite and sometimes the bad situations can shine brighter than all of the positive ones. What a true shame and disservice that is to you and your art!

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10 qualities of a great leader


Are YOU a great leader???

Before I start, I want to empathize that not everyone posses the qualities of a great leader and THAT IS OKAY! Not everyone is meant to be a leader of a country or be the CEO of a company. However, each and everyone one of us is a leader in one way or another. If you are a parent, you are a leader of your children and are intrusted with a precious responsibility. If you manage a bookstore, you are a leader of those working for you. If you are in a position in your life where anyone at all might look up to you for guidance – YOU ARE A LEADER and should take such a position seriously. “Even without having a position of authority, one can be a leader, based on special skills and knowledge.”

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story to tell

story to tell

everyone has a story to tell

Our lives are made up of stories. We are creating them everyday with every adventure we take, big or small. Some stories are joyful and others are heartbreaking… No matter what kind of story it is, it deserves to be told. If you have a story to tell, tell it!

Stories are told in many different way. For me, I share stories in the photographs that I take.

Some write books, make movies, travel the world speaking, while others sit around a fire and inspire others with their words… No matter what the form your stories take, tell them!

People love stories!!!

People love connecting and being able to relate to each other and one of the most powerful ways to do that is through the stories we tell.

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5 steps to creating community

To start the FIRST Marketing Monday… I will be sharing a handful of tips on creating community and how important it truly is!

It is our human nature to have the desire to belong and to be apart of something far bigger than ourselves. I challenge you to be intentional about creating community in your own life… today!


Webster defines community as “a unified body of individuals and a group of people with common interests.” There are many different kinds of communities that we will belong to in our lives. As we grow and our interests/stages of life change, our communities may change. The key is to remain in communities no matter where we are at in our lives. Connecting with other people is one of the most crucial aspects of our lives (in my opinion)!

I want to share with you a handful of tips that I personally think are helpful when building a community!

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