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colorado winter wedding

I am honored and so excited that Borrowed and Blue has pulished Mariya and Andy’s winter wonderland wedding! I love colorado winter weddings!

Mari and Andy celebrated their wedding day at Wild Basin Lodge in February of this year. It was a beautiful and snowy day in the stunning Rocky Mountains! Their ceremony was in front of the fireplace inside the lodge… It was so incredibly intimate and cozy! Following the ceremony we went outside in the snow and had fun taking some awesome and romantic photographs while the snowflakes fell! I love weddings during every season for such different reasons… Winter weddings are beautiful because they are quiet and usually more intimate. The stillness outside is unlike anything else and the crispness in the air is amazing. The snowflakes and smell of the freshness feeds my soul!

CLICK HERE to view the post on Borrowed and Blue’s site. You can also view Mari and Andy’s full gallery HERE!

The coldness in the Colorado air these past few days is getting me stoked for the upcoming fall and winter weddings!


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travel adventures with hubby


travel adventures

There are only a few things in this world that I love more than traveling. I absolutely love the adventure of exploring new places, eating unknown foods, meeting new people, and being immersed in different cultures. Having these travel adventures with my husband is what makes them even more amazing! He is my best friend and the love of my life. Exploring the world with him brings me more joy than I could ever express with words.

For example, the above photo was taken during an afternoon when we were simply laying down in the grass below the Eiffel Tower. We were relaxing and soaking up the sunshine. I looked at him and realized I could see the Tower in his sunglasses. In that moment I thought to myself how truly amazing it was to be sitting in Paris below the Eiffel Tower with the man of my dreams. I grew up daydreaming about visiting the city of love and lights one day… I couldn’t imagine more of a dream come true!

Since we got married in June 2012 we have visited 10 countries together and had a lovely honeymoon in Alaska. It’s during these incredible travel adventures that we have grown closer together. Exploring seems to ignite something inside of us and I love being able to share that with him! It is truly a blessing!

Planning our first Euro-adventure was a bit intimidating… Since neither of us had been to Europe before we wanted to see everything! Once the research began that desire grew and grew! During that first trip we spent a week in Paris and another week in Italy. Followed by 3 weeks traveling by train through 5 different countries! It was exhausting, but absolutely amazing! Our second trip we spent a week in France (Normandy and Paris) and then a second week in Turkey!

We had never been on trains like the ones in Europe… With our Eurail pass we had first class seats and often sat in private cars. It was a relaxing and amazing way to see the countries. We would take turns napping, reading, playing chess on my iPad, or just staring out the window… I loved it!

We stayed in beautiful apartments, hostels, and bed and breakfasts… Staying in a mix of places made the experience even better! I loved the variety of them and didn’t have a single complaint about any of them! I even loved the apartment we stayed at in Turkey that was above a convenient store where after each shower we had to mop up the bathroom floor due to faulty draining. Then when leaving the apartment we had to duck the water drops falling from the ceiling. Some would find these things inconvenient or a hassle and while it was somewhat irritating at first I grew to appreciate our second story creaky and leaky apartment!

I treasure these adventures and the memories we have created. I grew up taking vacations with my family every year and it has always been a huge part of my life. I am so grateful to my parents for allowing me to see so many amazing places and I am so excited to continue that with my hubby!

I cannot wait for our next travel adventures!!!


Below are some more photos from out most recent travels to France and Turkey!!


We have traveled to France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Holland, Belgium, and Turkey. Along with Canada during our honeymoon!

Check out some previous blog posts with photos from our travel adventures and check back in the future for more!!

Honfleur, France

Bayeux, France



Cinque Terre, Italy


Some helpful travel sites we used for planning…



and we lived….


Thank you to Dave Russell at Rocky Mountain Aperture for many of these photos!

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wild basin lodge wedding photography *Jacquelyn and Matt*

wild-basin-lodge-wedding-photographywild basin lodge wedding photography

*Jacquelyn and Matt* August 23, 2014

Wow! Wow! Wow! Simply wow! Those would be my words to sum up Jaquelyn and Matt’s beautiful Wild Basin Lodge wedding! Oh my, was it a gorgeously spectacular day filled with an abundance of love and laughter!

Jacquelyn was born in Tulsa, OK and Matt in Littleton, CO. They met in June 2011 when they were both out at Park Tavern in Denver with their separate friends. Jaquelyn caught Matt’s eye and he proceeded by approaching her which was followed by an evening of discussing meteorology, among other things. They went their separate ways at the end of the evening and happened to run into each other a week later… They slowly began dating and later took a special trip to Steamboat Springs, CO where they both fell completely in love with one another… Once they returned home they shared their feelings with each other. How utterly romantic! :)

Jacquelyn grew up visiting the Wild Basin Lodge and enjoying the food when it was a restaurant. She had always wanted to get married in the mountains and when her and Matt went to tour the lodge as a perspective wedding venue – they were smitten! The absolutely stunning property and the unconditional care and concern the staff at the lodge bestows upon each couple were more than enough reason for Matt and Jacquelyn to host their wedding at this amazing lodge!

I just love the centerpieces on the tables filled with the baby’s breath! The blue mason jars are Jaquelyn’s stepmother’s sisters from the 70′s! When I asked the inspiration behind the decor… Jacquelyn’s favorite color is blue and from there she found ideas from Pinterst for decor details! It all turned out beautifully!

When I asked Jaquelyn what made her choose her wedding dress, she responded… “I knew I wanted a key hole in the back of my dress before going in looking for dresses. I tried on about 10 dresses that day, but knew that it was my dress after I put it on. It was the one dress that I didn’t want to take off :) ” In my opinion that should be the reason any bride chooses THEIR dress… The one they don’t want to take off!

I had an amazing time working with Jacquelyn and Matt! They are extremely genuine and kindhearted people with a pure joy that is constantly radiating from them, especially when they are around each other! Theirs was a beautiful love to witness and a true pleasure to photograph!

It was a blast shooting their engagement photos earlier this year at Jacquelyn’s families cabin (which happened to be located near Wild Basin Lodge). It was a beautiful cabin with stunning views!  CLICK HERE to view those photos – they had some unique details!

Below are some of my favorite from their beautiful wedding day!

CONGRATULATIONS to the newlyweds!!


venue – wild basin lodge

photographer – visual poetry

cake – safeway – Estes Park

florist – floral design of europe

DJ – a dj for hire

photobooth – red fox photobooth

wedding dress – the bridal collection

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wild basin lodge wedding *Ashton & Brian*


wild basin lodge wedding

It was awesome to photograph Ashton and Brian’s wild basin lodge wedding (elopement). They were both completely genuine and kind the entire day and it was a blast to work with them both! I asked Ashton to share some details about planning her wedding and she shared her answers with me (below). I love asking brides how and why they chose what they did for their wedding. It’s always a blast to chat weddings and no matter how many times I ask different brides I always get such a variety of answers! Each wedding is truly unique!

1.) How did you choose your florist?

Floral Design of Europe kept popping up left and right the entire wedding planning process. Their pictures were gorgeous and reviews were all 5 star. I was already set on using this company when we officially booked our elopement wedding at Wild Basin and Floral Design of Europe happened to be the vendor included in our add on package. It just felt meant to be and the bouquets blew me away!

 2.) What made you decide on Colorado Rose Cake Co.?

Colorado Rose Cake Co were also included in our package for the elopement wedding and I couldn’t be happier with how our cake turned out. Just like the Floral Design of Europe I had their cakes on the top of my list for our future wedding. I really felt like it all fell right into place with the add on package the Lodge had put together. The reviews for the Colorado Rose Cake Co were all positive and I knew my simply elegant cake would be anything but simple.

 3.) How did you choose your dress and where did you get it?

I bought my dress at The Bridal Connection in Longmont, CO. I fell in love with blush toned dresses on me but still loved ivory lace when I first tried on dresses. When I first saw my dress I almost cried. The mermaid fit made me feel so beautiful and the pale blush tone underneath the ivory lace just popped on my pale skin. The sweetheart neckline made it feel so elegant and dramatic. I couldn’t be more happy with my dress.

 4.) What is your engagement story?

 We got engaged after being together 5 years. Brian and I went together to pick out a beautiful engagement ring that he would hold onto for the right time to propose. During our families memorial day barbecue Brian popped the question on one knee and of course I said yes!! He was shaking which was so cute as he knew I would say yes but he was still nervous about the whole thing.

 5.) Your love story?

 We met when we were both quite young. Brian lived next to my dad and we started talking on our balconies to one another. Once we met we immediately became serious and have been together ever since. We got married shortly after our 6 year anniversary. We have been through ups and downs but instead of growing apart we grew together. We are best friends and can tell each other anything which is such a great feeling.

 6.) What made you decide on a wild basin lodge wedding?

 When we decided just a few months before our wedding that we wanted to get married soon and with a small ceremony we found that Wild Basin was the only venue who advertised for smaller weddings. This was a huge plus and then we drove up to tour the place. It blew us away! We could get the beauty of the mountains with a lodge feel at a reasonable price. The river site left us envisioning our wedding which solidified our decision.

7.) How did you meet each other?

 We were next door neighbors and talked one night on a balcony. We talked everyday after that and the second we were officially together we became inseparable. Neither of us had ever been in love until we met one another so our marriage is very special in that way.

 8.) What made you decide to have a small elopement type wedding?

 We had initially planned a larger wedding and the stress of it all started to overshadow the reason we wanted to get married. We took a step back and talked about how we knew we wanted to be married sooner than later. We both decided to keep it simple with just direct family who have really shaped us as individuals and as a couple. It was so special to be able to really focus on each guest and it felt like a truly intimate but lively party with the people we love most.

 9.) What made you pick the decor and colors that you did?

 Once I saw the venue I knew I wanted a soft and romantic themed wedding. I wanted some rustic elements but still some elegance. As the bride I wanted to get my hands on the decor so myself, my mother and my sister got together one night to DIY all of our centerpieces and the card cage. The venue had the bonus of candles and a large log to go under our cake which just topped the look we were going for. My dress was definitely inspiration for the soft pink tones for the decor yet I still wanted a pop of color. Burgundy is so timeless and looks great on men and women so I knew that was the color to go well with pink. The soft grey tones went so well with Brian’s blue eyes I knew we couldn’t go wrong with that soft tone. It all came together way better than I ever thought it would. I was so proud that day.

 10.) Any other details about your wedding and/or love story you want to share?

Brian and I are closing on our first home together this year and we are so pleased to be starting off as a married couple. Now we can focus on making our house a home and know we gave all our energy to our perfect wedding day. Also our photographer went above and beyond even though it was an elopement wedding. We got all the shots we wanted and then some! She was so awesome!
Ashton and Brian were amazing! Such a joy to work with and a couple that is head over heels for each other! Below are some of my favorite from their wild basin lodge wedding…
This lovely couple knew they wanted a wild basin lodge wedding and quickly planned the wedding of their dreams! It was a gorgeous day and I am so thankful they asked me to be apart of capturing their memories of this very special event! I wish them both all the happiness in the world!
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Colorado photo shoot locations *Lily Lake*


Colorado photo shoot locations

Lily Lake is one of my very favorite Colorado photo shoot locations that I have scouted out over the last few years. I have shot there more this year than in the past and when a couple asks for my opinion as to where we should do a shoot, Lily Lake is always one of the suggestions! It is absolutely breathtaking! You can tell form the photos above how lush it is! There are trees and bushes off all shades of green, along with tall grass that blows with the wind. Not to mention, an amazing view of Longs Peak!! It is magical and one of the best Colorado photo shoot locations (in my opinion!).

During the summer months it can be a popular place for picnics and hiking and the parking lot can fill up fast. However, I have never felt crowded or uncomfortable shooting there with people wandering around. It is a nice sized lake with a walking trail around the entire thing and has some hiking trails that branch off of it. People tend to be very respectful and kind about not getting in the way or bothering the couple. There is a parking lot right across the street as well with lot of space! It’s easy to maneuver and I have never had complaints from couples about accessibility. It’s a location that allows for capturing the true beauty of Colorado without having to hike a few miles (which can be difficult for a bride in heels!).

Lily Lake is apart of Rocky Mountain National Park, so if you plan to shoot here for the first time I would research/contact the park about any guidelines.

Below are some of my favorites from a few weddings/shoots I have done recently at one of my favorite Colorado photo shoot locations!


AND in the fall time… OH MY GOSH! It’s incredible!! Fall if my favorite season of the year for many reasons, one being the gorgeous color that the aspen leaves turn…


and there is in fact a lake, at Lily Lake! :) along with other hidden treasures! The possibilities for locations within this one Colorado photo shoot location are unending! Each time I shoot here I am discovering new spots!


Don’t miss a recent post I did on another one of my favorite Colorado photo shoot locations – a new spot I found in Rocky Mountain National Park

Check back soon for another awesome location!

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Colorado Photo Shoot Locations *Rocky Mountain National Park*

Colorado-Photo-Shoot-LocationsColorado Photo Shoot Locations

I just love this beautiful new spot that I found while scouting out locations for Amanda and Brent’s photo’s in Rocky Mountain National Park! It was a gorgeous spot for their session the day after their Wild Basin Lodge wedding and would be stunning for a meadow wedding in the park! It was a very quite spot and easy to access and move around in. In case your interested about where exactly this spot is… I came in the entrance of the park near the Fall River Visitor Center – after entering I drove for a bit and then took the right turn that is for Fall River Road and after passing a parking lot on the right there was a small place to park on the left – we got out and walked up a small hill and BAM there was this gorgeous meadow full of aspens!

Colorado Photo Shoot Locations seem to be endless – everywhere you turn is something beautiful, especially in the mountains!

I am excited to shoot here more often and cannot wait for this fall! I can only imagine how stunning all of these aspen trees will be at that time.

After traveling through Europe for 7 weeks this past year and seeing so many gorgeous places, I have been trying to truly appreciate the beauty that is right here in front of me in the place that I was born and grew up in. I am finding that it is much easier to do and I noticing and appreciating things that I overlooked in the past. Colorado is one of the most amazingly beautiful places I have seen in the world and I am looking forward to exploring more in the near future and finding gems like this meadow!

Photographing weddings is such a blessing that I am thankful for being able to do! I love being surrounded by the joy and laughter that seems impossible for my clients to contain.

CLICK HERE to view more photos of this beautiful spot and a few other of my favorites!

What are some of your favorite places in Colorado or wherever you live currently? I encourage you to get out and explore!

I love this quote I came across recently… “The world is a book and those who do not travel, read only a page” Saint Augustine


Check back for one of my other new favorite Colorado Photo Shoot Locations tomorrow!

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Taharaa Mountain Lodge wedding photography *Justin & Kassi*


* Taharaa Mountain Lodge wedding photography *

Justin and Kassie traveled from Iowa to celebrate their wedding at Taharaa Mountain Lodge in Estes Park and what a celebration it was! They were joined by their closest family and friends as they embarked on this new journey together as husband and wife. It was truly a beautiful day for a wedding! It was rainy in the morning and early afternoon and cleared up just in time for their photos outside – it was perfect!

I love the reception room at Taharaa Mountain Lodge! It is so well lit and always looks amazing. Justin and Kassi had beautiful floral arrangements as center peices created by the lovely Brigitte with Floral Design of Europe! Not to mention a stunning cake and cupcakes that we no doubt incredible! Marci with Colorado Rose Cake Company always does amazing work!


I just love Kassi’s dress!! It’s so unique and gorgeous!


When I first started shooting weddings I was skeptical about the whole first look thing… I just didn’t get it. I had always thought it was bad for the groom to see the bride before the wedding ceremony. There are a lot of traditions that we uphold and have no idea why! I love and respect when couples choose to do their wedding either way (a first look or waiting). However in the last few years I have become really fond of the first look! It gives me as a photographer an awesome opportunity to get shots of the grooms reaction to seeing his beautiful bride in a more intimate and private setting. I loved Justin and Kassi’s first look! As Kassi approached Justin he was just so excited and nervous to turn around and when he finally did it was truly beautiful and genuine!

After they had a few moments to themselves we headed over to Lily Lake with their wedding party – who were a total blast!!

Taharaa-Mountain-Lodge-wedding-photography-3 Taharaa-Mountain-Lodge-wedding-photography-7

Taharaa Mountain Lodge was bought last year by new owners who are amazing! They are so kind and a true blast to work with!

They redid the ceremony site and it is stunning!


I stole Justin and Kassi for a few minutes following their ceremony to take some more photos now that they were officially HUSBAND AND WIFE!! Woohoo! I just love celebrating such amazingly special days with couples! It’s beautiful witnessing so much joy and happiness!


THEN it was party time! Their wedding reception was a blast! Ron Michaels is an awesome DJ and always a blast to work with!

They played the newlywed game – if you haven’t head of it – the bride and groom sit back to back and each has one of their shoe in one hand and the others shoe in the other hand. Ron asked a question about them (for example: who is the better cook? or who said i love you first?) and then they answer by putting the shoes of the person they think is it up in the air. It is hilarious and such a blast!


There was such a gorgeous sunset over the mountains!


I wish Justin and Kassi all of the happiness in the world as they start this new adventure together!

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the power of a photograph


* the power of a photograph *

Above are some of the photographs that I cherish!

I recently went and saw the new Planet of the Apes movie and there was a scene about half way through after they had restored power to the city… and the leader of the humans was sitting at his desk and his tablet had finally turned back on. The first thing he did was go into in folder of photographs and look at one of two young boys. He smiled and began to weep while staring at the image. It never explained, but I can only assume that the boys were his children and they had died. The world around him was crumbling and he wanted to simply sit there and look through his photos… His memories.

Now, this movie is silly Hollywood entertainment, but in that moment I was truly moved and inspired at the concept behind what this man was doing and the power of a photograph.

To give a real life example… I was looking through a book recently that had photographs and stories from people that were affected by the awful flooding in Colorado last fall. It was a heartbreaking book to look through, but there was one image that caught my eye. There was a woman sitting in her garage surrounded by photographs… The text explained that she was drying out family photos that were damaged in the flood…

Photographs are timeless – they are memories of the past that inspire.

I take photos everywhere I go – whether I have my nicer camera’s or my iPhone – it doesn’t matter. I want to document everything. The people I love, the adventures I have, and the beautiful world around me.

I am surrounded by amazingly inspiring people! I have an incredible husband that I truly adore and admire, a family that I would be lost without, and friends that I am honored and blessed to call my own.

There truly is power in a photograph. Flipping through photos is like traveling back in time through the memories that we can often forget. When I look at photos of people that I love that have passed away.. I feel joy and of course sadness, but i truly love that I have a tangible item that I can hold in my hands and see their face and it’s often like a flood of memories and emotion. The smiles on their faces bring me happiness. When I glance through photos of old friends that I don’t see much or talk to often I am reminded of the amazing times we had and the incredible impact they had on my life. Looking through my wedding photos is like reliving the day over and over – it was like a blur and having the beautiful images to treasure forever is such a blessing!

My encouragement to you is to take photos everyday! Whether it is the big things or the little things in life… preserve the memories and capture the joy around you. There will come a day when you will treasure it more than you would think possible.

Here is a great article on taking a photo a day for a year! What a fun idea!

I found this awesome article that gives some basic, but helpful tips for taking great photos. Even if all you have is your cell phone, there are simple things you can do to take awesome photos!

I encourage you to print your photos! We live in a digital time where everything is online or on our phones. Not as many photographs are being printed, framed, hung on the wall, or put in keepsake books/boxes. I have photo’s everywhere… They are in albums, hanging on my walls, falling out of my books (i usually use a photograph as a bookmark) – I treasure being able to hold a photograph in my hands.

Artifact Uprising is an incredible album company run by genuinely awesome people. They have other unique products as well. Check them out! You can create albums right from your phone!

Looking for something different?? Check out H.H. Boogie!! They create beautiful and unique handcrafted keepsake boxes for your photographs. I have never seen anything like the products they offer and I have heard amazing things about them.

If you don’t have Instagram – get it! It’s amazing and such an awesome way to take photos and share them – plus you’ll have this huge collection of photos you are taking on a daily basis to look back on.

There are many more resources for learning about taking photos and tons of awesome and unique things to do with them – these are just a few that I personally like. Start exploring!

Find inspiration around you and discover creativity. Life flies by and time is fleeting – make the most of what you have and create memories!!

Here are some more photos that I treasure…


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rocky mountain national park wedding photography


*ROBYN AND DAVE* rocky mountain national park wedding photography

It was raining all day and I was hoping it would clear up for the ceremony… It did just that! The smell of the rain was in the air as vows were exchanged in the midst of a beautiful forest of trees with the sound of the running water from the river near by. It was truly magical.

Robyn and Dave had an intimate wedding ceremony along a stream near Sprague Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park with their family in attendance. It was was one of the most beautiful places I have photographed a wedding ceremony and was super excited to shoot somewhere new and so stunningly beautiful!

I just love Robyn’s unique and romantic wedding dress!

Floral Design of Europe created beautiful floral arrangements for Robyn and her daughters!

I was in heaven photographing this incredible wedding ceremony that was completely surrounded by huge pine trees!

After the ceremony I wandered over by Sprague Lake with Robyn and Dave and we found this beautiful meadow… It was breathtaking.

They were two genuinely kind people whose love for one another was obvious the second the ceremony began. I am blessed to have met them and photographed their wedding ceremony!


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estes park family photography *Nagl family*

I had a blast photographing this sweet family! I have the pleasure of working with Christie and Ty Nagl in the Estes Park Wedding Association. Christie is a lovely friend that I have had the pleasure of getting to know the last few years! She owns Bella Capelli, a hair and makeup company specializing in weddings in Estes Park. She and the lovely ladies who work with her create true masterpieces! Ty owns the Wheel Bar located in downtown Estes Park and also Nagl Wedding Photogrpahy. They are amazing people and have two of the cutest kids!

We went to Lily Lake for their family shoot and it was a true blast!! Here are some of my favorites from their session…


estes park wedding photography

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rocky mountain national park *Amanda & Brent*


rocky mountain national park

The day after Amanda & Brent’s beautiful Wild Basin Lodge wedding we spent a couple hours wandering around some of my favorite spots in Rocky Mountain National Park not long before sunset.

It was a beautiful day!! Amanda and Brent were just as joyful and excited as the day before!!

I was super exited for this shoot! It’s always amazing to have so much time to photograph the bride and groom at a wedding and being able to venture around Rocky Mountain National Park was incredible. It’s one of my favorite places in world and I feel so truly blessed to live so close to it!

We started in a beautiful meadow near the Alluvial Falls and then headed up Trail Ridge Road to Forest Canyon overlook – what a gorgeous spot! When we were driving we were gaining a ton of elevation and literally climbing into the clouds! It was so gorgeous!

I absolutely loved this shoot and had a blast with Amanda and Brent!

Here are some of my favorites…


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*Amanda & Brent* wild basin lodge wedding


wild basin lodge wedding

Amanda and Brent are a lovely couple. They had a beautiful wedding on Monday at Wild Basin Lodge and what a gorgeous day it was!

Wild Basin Lodge is such an incredible venue with the most amazing staff of kind and genuine people who love what they do and cherish their brides and grooms!

Amanda and Brent are a joyful couple and I truly enjoyed witnessing their love for one another and their kindness for everyone around them. One of the biggest blessings of my job is meeting incredible people that inspire me in so many ways!

I asked Amanda to tell me a little about how her and Brent met. Here is what she had to say…

“I met Brent at the local race track.  I knew Brent was made for me the moment I asked him if he wanted a beer and said no! However, moments later he tapped me on the shoulder and said he would like that beer. Brent has something warming about him, that I would not let go of for anything.  After being best friends for years there was no stopping it.  We would make each other the only thing that mattered to us.  I can truly say I’m about to marry my best friend.”

and their proposal story…

“Brent asked me to marry him on the last snow day in 2014. For some reason in my old age I have been remembering when the last snow fall of the year has been. When you’ve been with someone as long as I’ve been with Brent, it gets pretty hard to pull the wool over each other eyes. We started the afternoon at one of our favorite restaurants, in downtown Prescott. I was asked to join in a walk around the square, you could see the disappointment in Brent’s face when we walked around the corner and there were a million bikes ready to start a marathon. He asked me where I thought they were heading, I replied with another one of my favorites spot in town, Thumb Butte. So we headed to the house that we made our home together for the past 2 years. I took a nap as Brent worked on his Jeep. I came outside afterwards to bring him in for the day, it was freezing,windy, and the snow was starting again. He grabbed me and sat me on my favorite thing in the world; our dog house he built us. I knew it was coming so I closed my eyes so tight, I could not believe someone as perfect as Brent would ask me to marry him. I knew we agreed to be together for the long haul, but it still was surreal. As I opened my eyes to check out the most beautiful ring, the sun popped out of this one cloud and hit my ring so perfect, it was magic. As I said yes, the dogs went nuts as if they were agreeing.”

I just love their story and how fun loving they were the entire day!

Amanda’s brother married them – how special is that??

Here are some of my favorites from their beautiful wedding day…


Cake : Colorado Rose Cake Company

Flowers : Floral Design of Europe

Dress : Melissa sweet

Hair and Makeup : Traci with Bella Capelli

Stay tuned for some photos from an amazing shoot we did in Rocky Mountain National Park the day after their wedding!!!

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estes park photography *Lisa & Eric’s 1st Annivesary*


estes park photography

I was over the moon with excitement when Lisa told me that her and Eric would be visiting Estes Park for their 1st anniversary! We decided it would be awesome to do a one year anniversary shoot while they were in town. It was more amazing that I imagined!

Lisa and Eric are two of the nicest people I have ever met!!!

I shot their wedding last July at Black Canyon Inn and Twin Owls Steakhouse. I had just returned from my 5 week Euroadventure right before their wedding. I had been looking forward to it since I shot their engagement photos earlier that year in Denver. They were so kind and genuine with one another and with me that I knew their wedding was going to be a blast and full of so much joy! I wasn’t wrong! Lisa was so laid back when I saw her that afternoon and so calm. Their families were more than welcoming and I became 100 times more excited right then!

Their wedding was amazing! It was a gorgeous summer day and everyone was awesome! Lisa and Eric made their day about their love for one another and their families and friends – it was a joyful experience to be apart of!

Anyways, I met Lisa and Eric at Lily Lake in Estes Park Thursday evening and we spent two hours wandering around taking photos and catching up. It was a blast and i’m so thrilled I got to see them again!

Here are some of my faves from the shoot…


Since the first anniversary is signified by ‘paper’, Lisa made that awesome banner and she also made a bouquet out of paper, the pretty flower in her hair, and a prop for their cake! How creative and crafty is she??? I just loved all of the details and time she spent to make this shoot so special.


Colorado Rose Cake Company made a beautiful and delicious anniversary cake for Lisa and Eric!!!


Lisa made Eric an ‘adventure book’ for their anniversary… When she told me it was kind of like the scrapbook from the movie “Up” I knew it was going amazing and oh my! It was so awesome and creative! They will be able to fill it with their many adventures in the years to come.  Eric loved it!!


HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY to this sweet couple!! I wish you both many more years of love, laughter, and joy!!

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wild basin lodge wedding *Angie & Josh*


Angie & Josh had a lovely wild basin lodge wedding on Sunday. It was a beautiful summer day and they were both so much to work with!

wild basin lodge is an amazing venue located in Allenspark, CO at the base of Mount Meeker and sits right along to Saint Vrain River… It doesn’t get much better than that!

I was so excited to finally meet Angie, as we had been chatting a bunch leading up to their wedding day and she had been so kind and sweet the entire time! I absolutely love seeing a bride for the first time and she instantly gives me a big hug! It’s so sweet and makes me 100 times more excited right then!

Angie and Josh met in early 2007 and have pretty much inseparable ever since! Josh proposed on December 15, 2012 while they were snowboarding with some friends in Winter Park. How fun and romantic is that??!!! Their love for one another and everything outdoors is so evident! Their down to earth and genuinely kind attitudes were the things I noticed right away after being around them… They have such a joy for life and gentle kindness towards one another and everyone around them! I feel truly blessed to have met them and been invited to document their very special day!

I love love love all of the unique details that Angie & Josh had at their wedding! Colorado Rose Cake Company did their usual amazing job of creating a masterpiece with the cake and Brigitte at Floral Design of Europe crafted gorgeous floral arrangements!


The garter that Angie wore has a very special story… Josh caught it when he was a young boy at a wedding and his mom saved it all these years so that his bride could wear it on their wedding day!!! I love it!!!


There are so many gorgeous spots all over the wild basin property for photos… I’m in photography heaven when I’m shooting there!

Angie and Josh had their adorable dog in their wedding ceremony! She was adorable!!


The first dance is one of my favorite parts of a wedding reception!


Let the fun begin!!


Congratulations Angie & Josh! You were a true joy to work with and I wish you all the happiness in the world!

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estes park wedding photography *Kylie & Justin*


Kylie & Justin – estes park wedding photography

I was so excited to finally meet Kylie! We had been exchanging emails and texts leading up to her wedding and I knew I was going to like this gal! She seemed so genuine, kind, and spunky and when I knocked on her door at The Stanley Hotel and she instantly gave me a big hug, I knew I was right!

What a gorgeous bride she was! I love love love her hair! She ordered her gorgeous hairpiece, necklace and flowers from Etsy. What an awesome resource for brides planning their wedding – so many unique and handmade items to add those special touches to such a special day!

Shortly before her wedding Kylie was given her great great grandmothers beautiful purple ring that is from the 1890′s. It went so lovely with her wedding colors and what a special heirloom to have with you on your wedding day!


Justin’s sister, Jamie made the cutest sign for the wedding! Their ceremony took place at Lily Lake and it is a popular walking trail that attracts a lot of people – so to avoid chatter she made this super sweet and creative sign! What a unique and kind gesture!

I loved seeing Justin standing waiting and watching for his bride – so precious he was even taking photos on his phone of her walking on the trail towards him!

estes-park-wedding-photography-3They are such a beautiful and joyful couple full of so much laughter! It was so much fun working with them and such a pleasure to witness their love!

estes-park-wedding-photography-4Caught them taking a selfie! Gosh, they were so much fun!

estes-park-wedding-photography-5Congratulations Kylie & Justin!

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