day dreaming and being inspired to shoot a destination wedding



I had the pleasure of attending WPPI in Las Vegas the last few days and it has been awesome! There are so many amazingly talented photographers in one place and I am just soaking up the information!

The highlight of my time was attending Laura Grier’s class on branding yourself as a destination photographer!! When I was searching which classes I wanted to attend I came across Laura’s and was super excited that WPPI was offering something like this! Since returning from my first Euro-adventure last summer I have been in the mindset that I HAVE to shoot weddings all over the world! We visited 8 countries during our 5 week trip and I could not have dreamed of a better experience! I have been researching and reaching out to people the last few months to figure out to even break into something like this and I haven’t had the best luck… AND THEN I found Laura’s bio in her classes description and thought, “I have to meet this amazing woman!” So, I emailed her right away and wasn’t sure what to expect. I had reached out to others and hadn’t gotten much feedback. However, I was over the moon with excitement when the NEXT morning I had a voice mail, not an email, but a voice mail from Laura responding to my message. After emailing back and forth I was getting more and more excited for her class!

I could hardly sleep last night because I was just so excited to learn more about this dream I have been wanting to make a reality and I felt like I had finally found someone that could give me a push in the right direction…

I learned more than I thought I could in 90 minutes from this amazing woman and when I thought it couldn’t possibly get any better. Laura invited me to brunch! So, of course I went and asked her a million questions.

I am just so humbled by her willingness to answer my questions and the kindness she showed me by sharing so much of her experiences and knowledge with me.

The biggest piece of advice I have been receiving from people is that when you have the desire to follow a certain dream then you need to shout it out for the world to hear! How can we expect our dreams to come true if we never share them with anyone or do anything to make them possible??? So here it goes…


I want to shoot a destination wedding in Paris!!

I would also love to do shoots in Hawaii, Isla Mujeres, Ireland, London, Switzerland.. (to name a few)

I want to do an engagement shoot in Seattle, on the Oregon coast, or San Fransisco.

I want to shoot humanitarian work for missionaries.


Those are just a few of my current dreams that I hope become a reality!!

What are your dreams? Write them down.. Share them with people.. See what happens!

one of my favorite photos of my husband and I in Cinque Terre, Italy last year.



We absolutely LOVED Switzerland!! Oh my! What an incredibly gorgeous country!

We landed in Geneva at 9:30am.. found lockers to stash out bags in and started walking! After a few hours wandering around the city, touring the Reformation Museum, climbing yet another church’s bell tower for the stunning views, stumbling upon people playing with life size chess sets, walking along the Reformation wall… It was time to head to the train station…

Geneva was such a stunning city, full of history and amazing architecture!

The views from the train were unlike anything we had seen… It was getting us more and more excited for the secluded mountain town that we were staying in for the next two nights…

We got to Lauterbrunnen later in the evening… Checked into our room and headed out for a late dinner before going to bed. We had an early morning planned the next day…

7am!! train leaves for Jungfrau Mountain… We took the long train ride up and deep into the mountain until we reached the ‘Top of Europe’ as they call it… and oh my, was it breath taking… and quite cold!

We learned that Lauterbrunnen is the hot spot of BASE jumpers and Australians…

We wandered around the small town, climbed inside the cliff walking along the back side of a rushing waterfall, toured the Trummelbach falls… I just about got lost in the gorgeous meadow of wild flowers (Ryan had to pull me away multiple times.. and I still managed to make us miss our buss.. OOPS!) 🙂

Everything was so incredibly green!! Oh! and the cows wander around everywhere freely… with huge cow bells around their necks!! It was unique to hear the clinking of the bells at 3am.

We cannot wait to go back!!