Future Best Friends

Future-Best-FriendsFuture Best Friends in the making!!

Words cannot fully describe what these two lovely ladies mean to me. They are without a doubt my two very best friends and have been such since we met in 7th grade as three awkward twelve year old’s making our way through a confusing time in life. Having them by my side throughout middle and high school made all the difference. We have been through so much together and been there for each other for the most amazing times and the not so awesome times over the last 15 years! Continue reading “Future Best Friends”

Rocky Mountain intimate wedding


Rocky Mountain intimate wedding *Justin + Lacy*

When Lacy emailed me and told me that she was having a very small wedding with just family and friends at Spruage Lake inside Rocky Mountain National Park followed by a low-key dinner at a cabin her family had rented in Estes Park, I knew it was going to be an amazing day! However, when I met Justin and Lacy it got even better.. They were so sweet and kind!! One of the things I love most about my job is meeting couples like them! People who genuinely care about people and who are completely head over heels in love. It makes documenting that love and joy such a true gift. Continue reading “Rocky Mountain intimate wedding”

Baby’s Gender Reveal – It’s a girl!!


Baby’s Gender Reveal

I guess it’s time I blog about the newest and most exciting news happening in our lives… We are expecting our first baby!! I am currently 19 weeks and we just had the exciting ultrasound where they reveal boy vs. girl!! I didn’t really have a preference (I was trying my best to be neutral!). Laying there on the table while the doctor moved the ultrasound wand around on my abdomen watching our sweet precious little one twist and move about was surreal, to say the least… It’s unlike anything I have ever experienced! Continue reading “Baby’s Gender Reveal – It’s a girl!!”

Rocky Mountain Engagement Photography

Rocky-Mountain-Engagement-PhotographyRocky Mountain Engagement Photography *Violeta & Richard*

Violeta and Richard were amazing to work with! They were smiles the entire session and so full of joy and laughter!

It was a gorgeous day at Wild Basin Lodge for an early morning engagement session. The sun was shinning, the sky was a beautiful bright blue, and the aspens leaves are beginning to change to a light yellow… It was truly magical!! Continue reading “Rocky Mountain Engagement Photography”

Stanley Hotel Summer Wedding – Karen & Bryan


Stanley Hotel Summer Wedding – Karen & Bryan

I had been looking for to Karen & Bryan’s Stanley Hotel Summer Wedding since meeting them in December in Denver at Union Station for their engagement session (CLICK HERE to view their Christmas shoot!) The station was decorated in stunning Christmas fashion and they were smiles the entire time! It was a blast working with them that day and it made me super excited to shoot their wedding and OH MY was it amazing! Continue reading “Stanley Hotel Summer Wedding – Karen & Bryan”

Estes Park Resort Wedding – Mara & Raji

Estes-Park-Resort-Wedding-4Estes Park Resort Wedding – Mara & Raji

I love the first look that a bride and groom share on their wedding day. Whether that is a moment they share before the ceremony or if it’s when the bride walks down the aisle towards her groom… This moment is one of my very favorite moments of the entire day! It is such a special time! They have spent many hours (especially the bride) planning every single detail of this day and a lot of it has to do with the attire they have chosen (dress, suit, hair, make up…) and then it comes down to this one moment of anticipation. I simply love the raw emotion and joy that they share in those few minutes… Continue reading “Estes Park Resort Wedding – Mara & Raji”