rocky mountain national park *Amanda & Brent*


rocky mountain national park

The day after Amanda & Brent’s beautiful Wild Basin Lodge wedding we spent a couple hours wandering around some of my favorite spots in Rocky Mountain National Park not long before sunset.

It was a beautiful day!! Amanda and Brent were just as joyful and excited as the day before!!

I was super exited for this shoot! It’s always amazing to have so much time to photograph the bride and groom at a wedding and being able to venture around Rocky Mountain National Park was incredible. It’s one of my favorite places in world and I feel so truly blessed to live so close to it!

We started in a beautiful meadow near the Alluvial Falls and then headed up Trail Ridge Road to Forest Canyon overlook – what a gorgeous spot! When we were driving we were gaining a ton of elevation and literally climbing into the clouds! It was so gorgeous!

I absolutely loved this shoot and had a blast with Amanda and Brent!

Here are some of my favorites…


*Amanda & Brent* wild basin lodge wedding


wild basin lodge wedding

Amanda and Brent are a lovely couple. They had a beautiful wedding on Monday at Wild Basin Lodge and what a gorgeous day it was!

Wild Basin Lodge is such an incredible venue with the most amazing staff of kind and genuine people who love what they do and cherish their brides and grooms!

Amanda and Brent are a joyful couple and I truly enjoyed witnessing their love for one another and their kindness for everyone around them. One of the biggest blessings of my job is meeting incredible people that inspire me in so many ways!

I asked Amanda to tell me a little about how her and Brent met. Here is what she had to say…

“I met Brent at the local race track.  I knew Brent was made for me the moment I asked him if he wanted a beer and said no! However, moments later he tapped me on the shoulder and said he would like that beer. Brent has something warming about him, that I would not let go of for anything.  After being best friends for years there was no stopping it.  We would make each other the only thing that mattered to us.  I can truly say I’m about to marry my best friend.”

and their proposal story…

“Brent asked me to marry him on the last snow day in 2014. For some reason in my old age I have been remembering when the last snow fall of the year has been. When you’ve been with someone as long as I’ve been with Brent, it gets pretty hard to pull the wool over each other eyes. We started the afternoon at one of our favorite restaurants, in downtown Prescott. I was asked to join in a walk around the square, you could see the disappointment in Brent’s face when we walked around the corner and there were a million bikes ready to start a marathon. He asked me where I thought they were heading, I replied with another one of my favorites spot in town, Thumb Butte. So we headed to the house that we made our home together for the past 2 years. I took a nap as Brent worked on his Jeep. I came outside afterwards to bring him in for the day, it was freezing,windy, and the snow was starting again. He grabbed me and sat me on my favorite thing in the world; our dog house he built us. I knew it was coming so I closed my eyes so tight, I could not believe someone as perfect as Brent would ask me to marry him. I knew we agreed to be together for the long haul, but it still was surreal. As I opened my eyes to check out the most beautiful ring, the sun popped out of this one cloud and hit my ring so perfect, it was magic. As I said yes, the dogs went nuts as if they were agreeing.”

I just love their story and how fun loving they were the entire day!

Amanda’s brother married them – how special is that??

Here are some of my favorites from their beautiful wedding day…


Cake : Colorado Rose Cake Company

Flowers : Floral Design of Europe

Dress : Melissa sweet

Hair and Makeup : Traci with Bella Capelli

Stay tuned for some photos from an amazing shoot we did in Rocky Mountain National Park the day after their wedding!!!

estes park photography *Lisa & Eric’s 1st Annivesary*


estes park photography

I was over the moon with excitement when Lisa told me that her and Eric would be visiting Estes Park for their 1st anniversary! We decided it would be awesome to do a one year anniversary shoot while they were in town. It was more amazing that I imagined!

Lisa and Eric are two of the nicest people I have ever met!!!

I shot their wedding last July at Black Canyon Inn and Twin Owls Steakhouse. I had just returned from my 5 week Euroadventure right before their wedding. I had been looking forward to it since I shot their engagement photos earlier that year in Denver. They were so kind and genuine with one another and with me that I knew their wedding was going to be a blast and full of so much joy! I wasn’t wrong! Lisa was so laid back when I saw her that afternoon and so calm. Their families were more than welcoming and I became 100 times more excited right then!

Their wedding was amazing! It was a gorgeous summer day and everyone was awesome! Lisa and Eric made their day about their love for one another and their families and friends – it was a joyful experience to be apart of!

Anyways, I met Lisa and Eric at Lily Lake in Estes Park Thursday evening and we spent two hours wandering around taking photos and catching up. It was a blast and i’m so thrilled I got to see them again!

Here are some of my faves from the shoot…


Since the first anniversary is signified by ‘paper’, Lisa made that awesome banner and she also made a bouquet out of paper, the pretty flower in her hair, and a prop for their cake! How creative and crafty is she??? I just loved all of the details and time she spent to make this shoot so special.


Colorado Rose Cake Company made a beautiful and delicious anniversary cake for Lisa and Eric!!!


Lisa made Eric an ‘adventure book’ for their anniversary… When she told me it was kind of like the scrapbook from the movie “Up” I knew it was going amazing and oh my! It was so awesome and creative! They will be able to fill it with their many adventures in the years to come.  Eric loved it!!


HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY to this sweet couple!! I wish you both many more years of love, laughter, and joy!!

wild basin lodge wedding *Angie & Josh*


Angie & Josh had a lovely wild basin lodge wedding on Sunday. It was a beautiful summer day and they were both so much to work with!

wild basin lodge is an amazing venue located in Allenspark, CO at the base of Mount Meeker and sits right along to Saint Vrain River… It doesn’t get much better than that!

I was so excited to finally meet Angie, as we had been chatting a bunch leading up to their wedding day and she had been so kind and sweet the entire time! I absolutely love seeing a bride for the first time and she instantly gives me a big hug! It’s so sweet and makes me 100 times more excited right then!

Angie and Josh met in early 2007 and have pretty much inseparable ever since! Josh proposed on December 15, 2012 while they were snowboarding with some friends in Winter Park. How fun and romantic is that??!!! Their love for one another and everything outdoors is so evident! Their down to earth and genuinely kind attitudes were the things I noticed right away after being around them… They have such a joy for life and gentle kindness towards one another and everyone around them! I feel truly blessed to have met them and been invited to document their very special day!

I love love love all of the unique details that Angie & Josh had at their wedding! Colorado Rose Cake Company did their usual amazing job of creating a masterpiece with the cake and Brigitte at Floral Design of Europe crafted gorgeous floral arrangements!


The garter that Angie wore has a very special story… Josh caught it when he was a young boy at a wedding and his mom saved it all these years so that his bride could wear it on their wedding day!!! I love it!!!


There are so many gorgeous spots all over the wild basin property for photos… I’m in photography heaven when I’m shooting there!

Angie and Josh had their adorable dog in their wedding ceremony! She was adorable!!


The first dance is one of my favorite parts of a wedding reception!


Let the fun begin!!


Congratulations Angie & Josh! You were a true joy to work with and I wish you all the happiness in the world!