What a precious and sweet little boy! I have had an amazing few weeks with my brother and sister (in-law), Matt & Alyssa and the new little addition to the family… Jayden! He is so adorable that your heart simply melts while holding him.

I had the amazing pleasure of taking some more photos of this little guy today and what a fun day it was!

my sweet sister

I am so blessed to have the little sister that I do… She is so kind and loving! She has a huge heart for people and cares more then most. I could not imagine not growing up with her by my side. We fought a lot growing up, but always had so much fun together and now we are closer then ever before and I am so grateful to call her my sister and friend.

I’m so proud of her! She will be graduating from college in May!!!! Go her!!! What an accomplishment! I had the great pleasure of taking a few photos of her recently for her grad announcement… we had so much fun! 🙂

I love you my dear sister… YOU are going to do amazing things!!!

Congratulations Amanda!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome baby Jayden!

We got the messages that Alyssa had been taken to the hospital early Tuesday morning…. I woke up and couldn’t contain my excitement! I rushed to get ready and begged my husband to go to the hospital… even though we would be waiting there for awhile.. i didn’t care! It was 10 times better then Christmas morning! 🙂 Later that day Alyssa gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby boy… JAYDEN! He is the most adorable squirmy little thing… The sounds he makes are so precious! I’m so thankful that my sweet sister-in-law and new nephew are both doing great and get to go home soon! It was so great visiting them in the hospital today… and loved taking some photos of the continuous joy that was everywhere! He’s going to be one loved and spoiled baby boy!!!!

Christina, Alyssa’s sister had her first precious little boy, Jackson in December… It was so great to get to take some photos of him today too. I love his cheeks and big smiles! He’s all giggles!

It was so much fun putting them next to each other! Jackson is only 3 months old, but he makes Jayden look tiny!! So cute!!!

Such joy these two little precious boys will bring to the family!! 🙂

Ashley & Travis

What a gorgeous day it was yesterday! The sun was shining and the wind was just blowing a little bit… It was a great day for a wedding! Ashley was a stunning bride and her groom couldn’t have looked happier as she walked down the aisle. They exchanged their vows at Black Canyon Inn with 20 or so of their closest family and friends. It was a beautiful and intimate wedding ceremony.

Congrats to the happy couple! 🙂

feeling blessed…

There is something about driving through the mountains that is amazingly humbling. They are so majestic and powerful. I feel blessed to be able to live so close to such a beautiful place!

I love being able to take these ‘photo safari’s’ with my dad! I love love love that we share something as important as art. It’s an amazing thing to be able to have someone to talk with about it and to just drive around with to take photos! It makes trips sooooo much fun! 🙂