Fearless Entrepreneurs


I can’t recall the exact moment I met Julia and Ernest, but… I am so glad that I did! I do remember my first few times getting together with Julia. We talked for hours and we hardly knew each other. From there a friendship grew that I am incredibly thankful for. She loves without reserve and has a childlike sense of adventure that I admire greatly. Ernest is genuine and quite funny. He is also serious and determined. Together they have become two very fearless entrepreneurs! Continue reading “Fearless Entrepreneurs”

Parisian Anniversary

Parisian Anniversary-8Parisian Anniversary

It feels as if these past four years have flown by as fast as the train rushing past us in the image above. It has been quite a whirlwind of ups and downs, more adventures than I thought possible, and making the biggest choice we could have. This man is my best friend. My everything. My love. He knows me better than anyone and I thank God for him every single day. We kind of did it backwards and spent our first anniversary in Paris! How can we top that?? This weeks Paris in Photographs post is a little different and is all about our Parisian Anniversary! It was something I never dreamed possible, but it happened and it was incredible… Continue reading “Parisian Anniversary”

Sacré-Coeur – Church on the hill – Paris in Photographs

View More: http://visualpoetrybymeghan.pass.us/parisBasilique Du Sacré-Coeur : Church at the top of the hill of butte Montmartre

To continue the series on Paris in Photographs I wanted to share with you one of my favorite spots in the city… Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris, commonly known as Sacré-Coeur is a beautiful basilica that sits atop the highest point in the city in Montmartre. This area, in my opinion is the most enchanting neighborhood in Paris! Continue reading “Sacré-Coeur – Church on the hill – Paris in Photographs”

Notre Dame – Paris France – Paris in Photographs

View More: http://visualpoetrybymeghan.pass.us/parisNotre Dame – Paris France

Notre Dame is one of my favorite places in Paris. It is very touristy and that is a bit of a draw back in my opinion, but it is still a wonderful spot. If you took the mob of people away it would be the best! The cathedral is truly magical… The building is absolutely stunning. It is nestled on the eastern part of the Île de la Cité, which is one of the two islands that are on the in the Seine River. Continue reading “Notre Dame – Paris France – Paris in Photographs”

Paris in Photographs – A Picnic in the Park

Paris in PhotographsParis in Photographs – A Picnic in the Park

One of my favorite things about Paris is how many incredible parks there are around every corner. I LOVE nature!! Being a Colorado girl has certainly spoiled me in this aspect. Having these small oasis’s of gigantic trees nestled within the winding streets of tall buildings makes this beautiful city all the more charming.

Continue reading “Paris in Photographs – A Picnic in the Park”

Paris in Photographs


Paris in Photographs – The city of lights and love

I have decided to start a new blog series titled, Paris in Photographs. In these posts I will be sharing about my travels to Paris along with some amazing photographs. I have spent a magical 4 weeks gallivanting around the city of lights with camera in hand… Soaking up the spectacular city that Paris truly is! That is not nearly enough time to explore this city to the fullest, but it’s a great start! During this short time I have become enchanted by all that Paris has to offer and I am excited to share it with you!

Continue reading “Paris in Photographs”

Paris Favorites


Paris Favorites

I am enchanted by this magical city! I have been there for a total of 5 weeks over the past few years and cannot wait to go back! I was asked by a few people recently what my favorite things to do in Paris are and my must see’s for their upcoming travels to the city of love and lights. I figured I might as well share my Paris favorites with all of you as well! This is by no means everything there is to see… Even during my 5 weeks there I feel like I haven’t seen enough! This is just a list of my favorite things that I would recommend seeing if you’re planning a week long trip (or more hopefully!) Continue reading “Paris Favorites”

Iceland Adventures


Iceland Adventures

I had never really thought much about traveling to Iceland… I didn’t really know much about it and hadn’t really known anyone that had gone there before, BUT boy am I glad that we decided to fly Icelandair and tack on a few extra days on the end of our trip. It was an absolutely breathtaking place and we didn’t even see a small portion of the island. I must go back someday!! Continue reading “Iceland Adventures”

Pregnant in Paris

Pregnant-in-ParisPregnant in Paris – My Recent Adventure

At the beginning of this year when my dad surprised me with a two week trip to Paris I was ecstatic, to say the least! I absolutely love the city of lights. It is a magical place and charmed me right away. I had always dreamed of visiting and two years ago when I explored it for the first time, I was floored by just how incredible it truly was! I have been truly blessed, that this trip was my third time out and even at the end of the two weeks this time I know there is still tons I have yet to see… Continue reading “Pregnant in Paris”

Oslo Norway –


Oslo Norway

We had planned to fly out of Oslo Norway at the end of our trip – mainly because that is where we found the least expesnive flights during that time. We booked three days in Oslo and planned to sight see and wander the city. We thought maybe we could see a Fjord or two during our time there as well… Julia and I had been looking up Norway on Pinterest for awhile and were in awe of the stunningly beautiful landscapes it had. Continue reading “Oslo Norway –”

Stockholm Sweden


Stockholm Sweden

After leaving Copenhagen Denmark we made our way to Stockholm Sweden! We had two days in this lovely city… Which like all of the places we visited, was not nearly enough time! It’s a nice way to get a taste of a city, but to really get a feel for the culture and rich history these ancient cities have to offer – much more time is needed! I am hoping to make my way back to Scandinavia someday! When we first got in we took a train from the airport to a main station close to our hostel and walked the remaining 10 minutes until we found it! We were starved so we headed to a nearby market to get some food to make back at our hostel!

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Copenhagen Denmark


Scandinavian charm – Copenhagen Denmark

We got up before the sun on our last morning in London to have a taxi take us to a bus station that then took us to the airport to catch out flight to Copenhagen Denmark! We were yet again going to another country on our list of stops for this epic adventure! We were tired, but once we got out of the metro station in Copenhagen it was as if a new burst of energy sparked! We had less than 24 hours in the enchanting city and we didn’t want to waist a single second of it!  Continue reading “Copenhagen Denmark”

Charming English Cotswolds


Charming English Cotswolds

Chipping Campden is a charming small town in the Northern Cotswolds of England that dates back to the 14th century. It was absolutely magical.. Like something right out of a fairytale! The stone cottages that were covered with the most beautiful blooming flowers and vines were truly breathtaking. When we left Oxford we decided to take somewhat of a detour in the opposite direction from where we needed to be that evening in order to visit this adorable village – thanks to Pinterest for teasing us with such charming photos! We only had about an hour and half to wander the streets and we made the most of it! Continue reading “Charming English Cotswolds”