Notre Dame – Paris France – Paris in Photographs

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Notre Dame is one of my favorite places in Paris. It is very touristy and that is a bit of a draw back in my opinion, but it is still a wonderful spot. If you took the mob of people away it would be the best! The cathedral is truly magical… The building is absolutely stunning. It is nestled on the eastern part of the Île de la Cité, which is one of the two islands that are on the in the Seine River. Continue reading “Notre Dame – Paris France – Paris in Photographs”

Colorado Family Photography – smiles & bow ties!

Colorado Family PhotographyColorado Family Photography – The Holcomb Family

I don’t typically shoot family sessions, but when your best friend has a baby and he is this adorable… How can you say no?? The Holcombs are a precious family and I adore their new little man, Grayson. He is full of smiles and OH MY GOSH… That bow tie!!?? How adorable is that!? I love it! Continue reading “Colorado Family Photography – smiles & bow ties!”

Colorado Newborn Photography – Welcome baby Sawyer

Colorado Newborn PhotographyColorado Newborn Photography – Krystle & Adam welcome baby Sawyer!!

I love photographs and the emotion they can provoke. I am so passionate about what I do and I truly love documenting the joyful moments in peoples lives. Welcoming a new baby into your life is one of the most exciting and scary things. I love being able to capture the raw emotion of such moments. On April 14th my dear friend Krystle welcomed her precious baby boy into the world! I could not be happier for her as she starts this new chapter in her life. I am so blessed and beyond excited to be entering into motherhood with so many of my close friends. Continue reading “Colorado Newborn Photography – Welcome baby Sawyer”

Paris in Photographs – A Picnic in the Park

Paris in PhotographsParis in Photographs – A Picnic in the Park

One of my favorite things about Paris is how many incredible parks there are around every corner. I LOVE nature!! Being a Colorado girl has certainly spoiled me in this aspect. Having these small oasis’s of gigantic trees nestled within the winding streets of tall buildings makes this beautiful city all the more charming.

Continue reading “Paris in Photographs – A Picnic in the Park”

Paris in Photographs


Paris in Photographs – The city of lights and love

I have decided to start a new blog series titled, Paris in Photographs. In these posts I will be sharing about my travels to Paris along with some amazing photographs. I have spent a magical 4 weeks gallivanting around the city of lights with camera in hand… Soaking up the spectacular city that Paris truly is! That is not nearly enough time to explore this city to the fullest, but it’s a great start! During this short time I have become enchanted by all that Paris has to offer and I am excited to share it with you!

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Paris Favorites


Paris Favorites

I am enchanted by this magical city! I have been there for a total of 5 weeks over the past few years and cannot wait to go back! I was asked by a few people recently what my favorite things to do in Paris are and my must see’s for their upcoming travels to the city of love and lights. I figured I might as well share my Paris favorites with all of you as well! This is by no means everything there is to see… Even during my 5 weeks there I feel like I haven’t seen enough! This is just a list of my favorite things that I would recommend seeing if you’re planning a week long trip (or more hopefully!) Continue reading “Paris Favorites”

Maternity Photography

Maternity-Photography-1Maternity Photography – Krystle & Adam

When Krystle told me she was pregnant I could barely contain my excitement! You see, a few weeks before that I had revealed to her that I was also expecting AND earlier in the year Kasie, her twin sister and my dearest friend had told us that she was pregnant! There must have been something in the water! My best friends were having babies the same time I was! This was going to be so much fun!! Continue reading “Maternity Photography”

Birth Story


Birth Story – Natural Childbirth

Disclaimer::: This post is raw and personal!

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to have a natural childbirth outside of the hospital. At first I didn’t know much about the differences between the delivery methods, but after doing research I knew that this was the type of birth story I wanted to have. I do believe that hospitals are crucial and play an amazingly helpful role, when they are needed. I don’t think that for a low risk and healthy pregnancy that they are necessary. I think in some cases they can do more harm than good. With that said, that is just my opinion and personal preference. I don’t think there is anything wrong with a woman choosing to have a mediated birth in the hospital – It’s just not the path I would choose. Every birth story is unique to each woman. Continue reading “Birth Story”

My Birth Story – Welcome Adeline

My-Birth-Story-1My Birth Story – Welcome Adeline

Goodness it has been quite the whirlwind lately! Last time I posted was at one month prior to my due date… A lot has happened since then and now I have a precious 4 week old baby girl that I absolutely adore. I mentioned in my previous post about how my birth story might not play out the way I had hoped due to the fact that sweet little Adeline had been breech since my 34 week appointment (perhaps even before then). I had tried numerous natural ways to try and encourage her to flip and none of them seemed to work. After many tears and much prayer, we decided to go ahead and have the external version to try and flip her. It was not an easy decision since there are some risks, but after weighing them against those of a breech birth we decided this was best for us. We checked in at Swedish Hospital at 7am the day I was 37 weeks and 4 days along. I was really nervous since I wasn’t sure what to expect and from what I had researched, this was not going to be a comfortable procedure. Mostly I was just praying and hoping that it would work and that Dr. Hall could get Adeline to flip to be head down. Continue reading “My Birth Story – Welcome Adeline”

Colorado Springs Engagement Photography

Colorado-Springs-Engagement-PhotographyColorado Springs Engagement Photography – Dianna & Matt

It was a lovely afternoon driving to Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs with Dianna and Matt for their engagement session! They were so much fun to work and were smiles the entire time! I am SO excited for Dianna & Matt! They are two amazing people and I cannot wait for their wedding this fall! I first met Dianna when she was working as the wedding coordinator at Wild Basin Lodge in Allenspark, CO. It was always such a joy to work with her! So, of course I was stoked when she emailed me about photographing her wedding!

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Iceland Adventures


Iceland Adventures

I had never really thought much about traveling to Iceland… I didn’t really know much about it and hadn’t really known anyone that had gone there before, BUT boy am I glad that we decided to fly Icelandair and tack on a few extra days on the end of our trip. It was an absolutely breathtaking place and we didn’t even see a small portion of the island. I must go back someday!! Continue reading “Iceland Adventures”

Pregnant Photographer

Pregnant-PhotographerPregnant Photographer

I haven’t really shared my pregnancy journey thus far in detail other than revealing the gender and my exciting adventures gallivanting around Paris at 25 weeks

I wanted to share this today because my due date is ONE MONTH away!! Oh my! Where has the time gone??? It feels like yesterday I was peeing on a stick and saw two pink lines and then proceeded to pee on 7 more (true story)!! Continue reading “Pregnant Photographer”

Taharaa Mountain Lodge Wedding

Taharaa-Mountain-Lodge-WeddingTaharaa Mountain Lodge Wedding – Stacy & Jeremy

Stacy and Jeremy were a true joy to work with! From the moment I first spoke to Stacy on the phone earlier this year, I knew I was going to love their wedding! She was so genuinely kind! I just couldn’t wait to meet her!! AND THEN it was way better than I imagined! They were both full of joyful nerves right before their first look… I love the genuinely raw emotion that comes about during such an intimate moment between two people so in love! The care and kindness they shared with one another and their friends and family the entire day is something that I truly admire! I am so excited to have been able to be apart of capturing such a magical wedding day for a truly wonderful couple!

xoxo – Meghan Continue reading “Taharaa Mountain Lodge Wedding”