My Birth Story – Welcome Adeline

My-Birth-Story-1My Birth Story – Welcome Adeline

Goodness it has been quite the whirlwind lately! Last time I posted was at one month prior to my due date… A lot has happened since then and now I have a precious 4 week old baby girl that I absolutely adore. I mentioned in my previous post about how my birth story might not play out the way I had hoped due to the fact that sweet little Adeline had been breech since my 34 week appointment (perhaps even before then). I had tried numerous natural ways to try and encourage her to flip and none of them seemed to work. After many tears and much prayer, we decided to go ahead and have the external version to try and flip her. It was not an easy decision since there are some risks, but after weighing them against those of a breech birth we decided this was best for us. We checked in at Swedish Hospital at 7am the day I was 37 weeks and 4 days along. I was really nervous since I wasn’t sure what to expect and from what I had researched, this was not going to be a comfortable procedure. Mostly I was just praying and hoping that it would work and that Dr. Hall could get Adeline to flip to be head down. Continue reading “My Birth Story – Welcome Adeline”