social media marketing with instagram

social-media-marketing-with-instagram-social media marketing with instagram

I love marketing! I especially love social media marketing with instagram!

When I started my photography company I was intimated when people would tell me that it was going to be about 20% photography and 80% business. I was in love with everything photography related, but hadn’t yet got a handle on the business side of things. It took a lot of learning by trial and error, but I have come to really enjoy everything about running a business… Most of all I enjoy marketing! Social media marketing is an amazing tool that has radically changed the way a business can reach its audience! I think businesses are crazy if they don’t utilize the free marketing tools that have recently come about. Instgram is FREE!! Why not use it to share your art, business, and passion with the world??? It has been incredible for me and my business. It’s amazing the people I have ‘met’ by posting images and interacting with others through their photos!

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estes park wedding *Cathy & Peter*

estes-park-wedding-1estes park wedding *Cathy & Pater*

I was super excited when Cathy contacted me about photography for her estes park wedding! Her and her fiance, Peter met in Korea and were living there at the time. He is in the military and she was teaching English in a middle school.

They were the sweetest couple and full of so much joy! I loved their first look… They both had the most excited expressions when they saw each each other for the first time on their wedding day.

I asked Cathy some questions about their wedding day and love story…

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happy birthday husband *I love you!*


happy birthday husband

I have the best husband! He is kind and loving. He is funny and compassionate. He is a goofball and makes me laugh. He makes each day better and my life would not be the same without him. Today was his 28th birthday and we celebrated it by having a relaxing day in Estes Park at my families mountain home. I made brunch and then we headed into town and wandered around the river-walk and spent the afternoon in shops and enjoying coffee and homemade fudge. It was a lovely day! We ended it with a movie and steaks on the grill. YUM!

He was patient enough with me while I set up my awesome new Fuji x100s to take some shots of us along the river with the gorgeous fall colors! He’s always waiting on me and my camera! I’m so blessed!

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Aspen Lodge wedding *Amanda and Robbie*

Aspen-Lodge-wedding-1Aspen Lodge wedding

WOW WOW WOW! That is what first came to mind when I arrived at the aspen meadow for Amanda and Robbie’s Aspen Lodge wedding ceremony! A beautiful sunny fall day in a meadow full or aspens with Longs Peak in the background. Simply, WOW!

I was super excited that all of aspens still had their leaves as this year in Colorado fall has been quite weird. Some trees started loosing their leaves in the beginning of September before they even changed colors and I have seen some aspens that are still green.. Strange, but I’ll take it! The aspens in this meadow were a stunning golden color that the sun lit up so beautifully!

Amanda and Robbie were amazing to work with! I loved the unique look they both have and the fall colors that were incorporated in the wedding parties attire and the flowers.

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Stanley Hotel Wedding *romantic decor*


Stanley Hotel Wedding

I shot a Stanley Hotel Wedding in the end of August and I am still swooning over their decor! I love the golds that are used in the concert hall of the Stanley Hotel. It’s already one of my favorite reception rooms there and then add this gorgeous decor and it’s just incredible!

I have never been a big fan of anything gold… However, in the past few months I have been buying antique style gold jewelry. I have no idea why really. I have just really loved the few pieces I have found and am growing more and more fond of it. So, when I arrived at this recent Stanley Hotel Wedding and saw all of the gold (which is uncommon for the weddings I have shot in the past) I was super excited!

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