colorado winter wedding published on Borrowed and Blue


colorado winter wedding

I am honored and so excited that Borrowed and Blue has pulished Mariya and Andy’s winter wonderland wedding! I love colorado winter weddings!

Mari and Andy celebrated their wedding day at Wild Basin Lodge in February of this year. It was a beautiful and snowy day in the stunning Rocky Mountains! Their ceremony was in front of the fireplace inside the lodge… It was so incredibly intimate and cozy! Following the ceremony we went outside in the snow and had fun taking some awesome and romantic photographs while the snowflakes fell! I love weddings during every season for such different reasons… Winter weddings are beautiful because they are quiet and usually more intimate. The stillness outside is unlike anything else and the crispness in the air is amazing. The snowflakes and smell of the freshness feeds my soul!

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travel adventures with hubby


travel adventures

There are only a few things in this world that I love more than traveling. I absolutely love the adventure of exploring new places, eating unknown foods, meeting new people, and being immersed in different cultures. Having these travel adventures with my husband is what makes them even more amazing! He is my best friend and the love of my life. Exploring the world with him brings me more joy than I could ever express with words.

For example, the above photo was taken during an afternoon when we were simply laying down in the grass below the Eiffel Tower. We were relaxing and soaking up the sunshine. I looked at him and realized I could see the Tower in his sunglasses. In that moment I thought to myself how truly amazing it was to be sitting in Paris below the Eiffel Tower with the man of my dreams. I grew up daydreaming about visiting the city of love and lights one day… I couldn’t imagine more of a dream come true!

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wild basin lodge wedding photography *Jacquelyn and Matt*

wild-basin-lodge-wedding-photographywild basin lodge wedding photography

*Jacquelyn and Matt* August 23, 2014

Wow! Wow! Wow! Simply wow! Those would be my words to sum up Jaquelyn and Matt’s beautiful Wild Basin Lodge wedding! Oh my, was it a gorgeously spectacular day filled with an abundance of love and laughter!

Jacquelyn was born in Tulsa, OK and Matt in Littleton, CO. They met in June 2011 when they were both out at Park Tavern in Denver with their separate friends. Jaquelyn caught Matt’s eye and he proceeded by approaching her which was followed by an evening of discussing meteorology, among other things. They went their separate ways at the end of the evening and happened to run into each other a week later… They slowly began dating and later took a special trip to Steamboat Springs, CO where they both fell completely in love with one another… Once they returned home they shared their feelings with each other. How utterly romantic!

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