estes park wedding photography *Kylie & Justin*


Kylie & Justin – estes park wedding photography

I was so excited to finally meet Kylie! We had been exchanging emails and texts leading up to her wedding and I knew I was going to like this gal! She seemed so genuine, kind, and spunky and when I knocked on her door at The Stanley Hotel and she instantly gave me a big hug, I knew I was right!

What a gorgeous bride she was! I love love love her hair! She ordered her gorgeous hairpiece, necklace and flowers from Etsy. What an awesome resource for brides planning their wedding – so many unique and handmade items to add those special touches to such a special day!

Shortly before her wedding Kylie was given her great great grandmothers beautiful purple ring that is from the 1890’s. It went so lovely with her wedding colors and what a special heirloom to have with you on your wedding day!


Justin’s sister, Jamie made the cutest sign for the wedding! Their ceremony took place at Lily Lake and it is a popular walking trail that attracts a lot of people – so to avoid chatter she made this super sweet and creative sign! What a unique and kind gesture!

I loved seeing Justin standing waiting and watching for his bride – so precious he was even taking photos on his phone of her walking on the trail towards him!

estes-park-wedding-photography-3They are such a beautiful and joyful couple full of so much laughter! It was so much fun working with them and such a pleasure to witness their love!

estes-park-wedding-photography-4Caught them taking a selfie! Gosh, they were so much fun!

estes-park-wedding-photography-5Congratulations Kylie & Justin!

engagement session France *Amanda & Jonathan*

I had the pleasure of photographing Amanda and Jonathan’s engagement session as we traveled through France last month. Amanda is my very sweet younger sister and I couldn’t be more excited for her recent engagement to Jonathan – an amazingly kind and hilarious man! I am thrilled for them and so excited for this chapter of their lives to begin.

So begins our two week long engagement session through Europe… We’ll start with France!


Engagement session France

We started our journey in Bayeux and Honfleur – two smaller towns in the Normandy area of France. We visited gorgeous beaches and wandered around the towns. The photo below was taken at Omaha Beach. I love the cliffs and rich green grass growing on the sides of them… Such an amazing contrast to the beautiful blue water.


I found this cozy spot while we were visiting Mont Saint Michel


Couldn’t pass up the opportunity to jump on this awesome carousel right on the harbor in Honfleur


PARIS!!!! I LOVE Paris!!! Everything about this city entices me. I have never felt such a pull to a certain location like I do to this lovely one! There were so many incredible spots for mini photo stops all over the city…

To celebrate their engagement we went to dinner at a restaurant that we found last year during our trip to Paris – it has the BEST pizza ever!! On our walk to the restaurant we stopped when I found this awesome wall… There are so many incredible photo backgrounds all over this city!


The restaurant turned out to be a romantic spot for some photos 🙂


On our way to Notre Dame one afternoon we walked by this building and I couldn’t pass by before snapping off some photos!


We also walked around the corner and found this café nestled on a corner of the street in the Latin Quarter area… I convinced them to grab an espresso and indulge me for a few minutes!




We spent an afternoon wandering around Père-Lachaise Cemetery… I have to say, this is the most beautiful cemetery I have seen. We grabbed some sandwiches on the way and enjoyed them on a shaded bench overlooking the cemetery and of course I couldn’t help myself and had to take some photos of the happy couple!


The cafés are one of my favorite parts of Paris! They are around every corner and have such a relaxed charming atmosphere… I could sit there all day.

Jonathan and Amanda are so genuine with one another. I very much enjoyed spending time with them and cherish our time on this trip. They genuinely love one another and are just hilarious and a blast to be around! It’s such a different experience to take engagement photos for a couple that also happens to be family and that I get to witness their relationship first hand.


And an engagement session in Paris wouldn’t be complete without the Eiffel Tower!


I love Paris and I love photographing people who are in love – this was such a dream come true!!

Honfleur France

After leaving Bayeux, France we drove to Honfleur France – a gorgeous harbor town in the Normandy area of France.

When we arrived we dropped our bags at the hotel and walked into heart of the town that surrounds the gorgeous harbor. I had looked up a bunch of photos of Honfleur France before our trip and was super excited to stand at the harbor myself and take in the beauty of this small harbor town.

We ate lunch at a lovely restaurant on the harbor and then wandered all around the town – we only had one day and wanted to make the most of it.

There were small alleys that led to side streets and beautiful courtyards. When we turned one corner we saw a man giving dance lessons in the middle of the street.. I would love to live in a place where dance lessons are given spontaneously on the street in front of a restaurant!!

It was chilly, windy, and raining once the sun was starting to go down, but that didn’t stop me and my dad from sitting at the harbor waiting for the perfect light to take some night shots of the harbor. It was so worth it and I’m glad we did it!

Here are some of my favorites from Honfleur France…


Here are some more.. Plus some of my hubby! He loved riding the carousel 🙂


Bayeux France

I first visited France last year when we spent 5 weeks visiting 8 countries in Europe. It was my first time traveling to Europe and I was completely smitten! I loved everything about our trip and was ecstatic when we had the opportunity to take two weeks this year to travel to France and Turkey! I feel so blessed to be able to have seven full weeks of European travel in one year! To start off this series of blog posts from my recent trip I will begin with our two days in Bayeux France…

My hubby is huge history buff and was ecstatic that we would be spending a few days in the Normandy area of France!

When we arrived at the airport in Paris we were exhausted! We had spent most of the day on planes and in airports… However, we hit the ground running and headed to Bayeux France!

Bayeux is a quaint quiet little town!

We wandered around the town when we first arrived and had a delicious lunch at a Pizzeria… Yummm!! The restaurant had a lovely view of the Bayeux Cathedral. The next two days we visited Omaha Beach and Gold Beach, which are two of the beaches that were stormed on D-Day. We also visited Pointe du Hoc – this is a cliff that overlooks the English Channel on the coast of France. The German army had this area fortified  with concrete casements and gun pits. There were huge craters in the ground that were created from approaching troops bombs. It was crazy to see and be able to walk down in the craters, as well as being able to walk in the barricades. You could stand in one spot facing the gorgeous French coastline and gaze upon the clear blue water and then simply turn around to see destroyed barricades and huge craters. The destruction that was caused on D-Day is intense, but there is also so much incredible beauty!

We also visited a couple monuments and cemeteries for the fallen soldiers that lost their lives during D-Day.

France has so much greenery all over the place… Such lush trees and bushes!! I loved the canals and old stone buildings that lined the streets of this charming town.

Here are some of my favorite photos from our time in Bayeux France.


Here are some more photos that I shot with my iPhone… The first one of the house is the adorable one we stayed in! It was so amazing and unique.


Estes Park Wedding Photography


Estes Park Wedding Photography

I have been a bit disconnected the last few weeks… I spent 3 weeks traveling (stay tuned for the blog posts on the amazing places I visited). I’m home now and stoked for this wedding season to really kick off and to start blogging like crazy!

I spent 27 hours traveling home from our last travel spot… The time started when the taxi picked us up from our lodging and ended when I laid my head down on my pillow at home. It was an exhausting day, but so worth the adventures I had!

Two days after returning home I shot a wedding with my all time favorite photographer, Dave Russell with Rocky Mountain Aperture. I had the amazing pleasure of working for Dave for 6 years before starting my own company and it was the best learning experience I have ever had.. Plus it was loads of fun!!

We shot the wedding of Paige and CJ – they had their ceremony in the pavilion at Black Canyon Inn, followed by a reception at Twins Owls Steakhouse. Boulder Blooms created the most stunning floral arrangements! I love the uniqueness and colors of the flowers and they smelt incredible! We also had the privilege of working with Larry at Top Hat Entertainment. He is such an awesome DJ and makes the party so much fun!!!

I am constantly in awe of the gorgeous settings I have the privilege of working in. Colorado is such a stunning destination for a wedding! Not only that, but I have the honor of working with some of the most incredible people in the industry – people that are truly genuine and kind! I simply LOVE what I do and wouldn’t change a thing!

Here are some of my favorites from Paige and CJ’s recent Estes Park wedding…


And a behind the scenes shot of Dave at work 🙂 I have learned so much from him!!