Europe travel adventure


Europe travel adventures are about to begin!!!

I am flying to France today!!! It will be a long day of flying for us (myself, my studly husband, my sister, and her fiance) as we leave from Denver, then have a layover in Toronto, Canada and from there fly to in to Paris!

AHHHH! I can hardly wait for this adventure to begin!

Last year we had our first European adventure and OH MY was it incredible! I had no idea how amazing it would truly be! We visited 8 countries in total over a 5 week period. We went to France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Holland, and Belgium. I had never experienced anything like it! We had done so much research and tons planning went in to the trip (it was exhausting and overwhelming at times) that when it finally arrived we could barely contain our excitement!

This time around we are little more prepared and laid back about the whole thing – I cannot wait!!

We will fly into Paris and be renting a vehicle in order to drive to Normandy! My husband is stoked about this because he was super bummed we didn’t get to go last time and he is a huge history buff! From there we will drive back to Paris and spend 5 days wandering the beautiful city of lights! I loved Paris last time we went! It is such a romantic and historically beautiful city – If my hubs was on board I would totally move there in a heartbeat! Our last stop on this trip will be Istanbul, Turkey! I’m hoping we can take a day trip to Sile, which is a town right on the Black Sea – the photos look amazing!

We are boarding our plane NOW! I am not sure what wifi will be like where are staying, but I will try to be blogging about the trip! To follow along with my adventure follow me on Instagram for real time photos – @megsvisualpoetry

Click here for photos from my previous Paris adventure!

Travel Adventures

Travel Adventures

I am so excited for my upcoming travel adventures!!

I am at the airport in Denver right now!! Waiting to board my plane to Orlando, Florida! I will be spending a week visiting the most magical place on earth!!! The above photo was taken at a wedding I photographed on Sunday! When I walked into the reception room and saw it I was overcome with joy and excitement about my upcoming trip! I absolutely LOVE Disney!!

We we will also be visiting Universal Studios and taking a day trip to the beach! I love travel and I love adventures, so obviously travel adventures are my favorite!

We return late next Wednesday and then early on Thursday I fly out to Paris!! Oh my gosh!! I can’t believe I am typing these words!! I feel so blessed to have these opportunities!

We will be spending two weeks traveling through Normandy, Paris, and Istanbul! I can’t wait!

This is going to be an amazing three weeks full of adventures! I will be blogging as often as I can, but to follow my adventures in real time follow me Instagram – @megsvisualpoetry