I had an amazing two days watching my precious little nephew… He is absolutely adorable! Watching him brought true joy to my heart. His smiles warms you form the inside and you just can’t help but giggle a little at his adorable and sometimes silly expressions! 🙂 I have never seen a baby with such a huge grin on their face all the time like Jayden does… He is a happy little trooper!!

Here’s a few shots from our photoshoot today…

*Chance & Chelsea’s Wild Basin Wedding*

Chance & Chelsea exchanged vows in the stunning meadow at Wild Basin Lodge on Sunday… It was a beautiful day shared with family and friends.

They grew up together, but didn’t start dating until College. Chance proposed one evening at home after they had finished cooking dinner together….

How romantic!!

Chelsea was a glowing bride and I absolutely loved the look on Chance’s face when he turned and saw her for the first time on their wedding day! This is always one of my very favorite parts of the day.. It’s such a precious moment between the couple.

Sunflowers are Chelsea’s favorite flower.. She incorporated them nicely with complimenting colors in the bouquets and decor for the reception. They made a lot of the decor themselves… A creative and fun way to put a personal twist on such a special day!

It was a true joy to capture the priceless moments of their wedding day and I wish them both all the happiness and joy in the world! 🙂


I was extremely thrilled when my sister-in-law asked me if I could watch her precious new baby… Um… YES, PLEASE!!! 🙂

It was such an incredible day and I just couldn’t help myself, but to snap a few shots of my expressive and sweet little nephew!!

He’s almost 5 months old… getting so big!



We absolutely LOVED Switzerland!! Oh my! What an incredibly gorgeous country!

We landed in Geneva at 9:30am.. found lockers to stash out bags in and started walking! After a few hours wandering around the city, touring the Reformation Museum, climbing yet another church’s bell tower for the stunning views, stumbling upon people playing with life size chess sets, walking along the Reformation wall… It was time to head to the train station…

Geneva was such a stunning city, full of history and amazing architecture!

The views from the train were unlike anything we had seen… It was getting us more and more excited for the secluded mountain town that we were staying in for the next two nights…

We got to Lauterbrunnen later in the evening… Checked into our room and headed out for a late dinner before going to bed. We had an early morning planned the next day…

7am!! train leaves for Jungfrau Mountain… We took the long train ride up and deep into the mountain until we reached the ‘Top of Europe’ as they call it… and oh my, was it breath taking… and quite cold!

We learned that Lauterbrunnen is the hot spot of BASE jumpers and Australians…

We wandered around the small town, climbed inside the cliff walking along the back side of a rushing waterfall, toured the Trummelbach falls… I just about got lost in the gorgeous meadow of wild flowers (Ryan had to pull me away multiple times.. and I still managed to make us miss our buss.. OOPS!) 🙂

Everything was so incredibly green!! Oh! and the cows wander around everywhere freely… with huge cow bells around their necks!! It was unique to hear the clinking of the bells at 3am.

We cannot wait to go back!!

Christine & Marc’s moutain fairytale wedding

Christine and Marc had a gorgeous wedding at Peaceful Valley Ranch. Their ceremony was in a charming chapel and reception at a stunning mountain top… It was a beautiful day full of love and laughter. I wish the happy couple all the happiness in the world!


Rome was awesome… so much history in one city! It was incredible to walk the streets and see all of the old Roman ruins everywhere. It was like stepping back in time… We visited the Colosseum, Roman bathhouse, the Pantheon, the Vatican… enjoyed amazing pizza and pasta dishes.. wandered around the city and walked along the river. It was a great place and I hope one day we can return! 🙂

a few more…

some more from Paris….

and Cinque Terre… 🙂

Thanks Dad for these awesome shots! 🙂 I will treasure them forever!


*Eric & Lisa* Colorado Wedding!

The moment I first met Lisa and Eric I knew that their wedding was going to be something rather special! They are two of the sweetest people I have ever met… full of joy and laughter! I had a blast when we met in Denver for their engagement shoot in May… After the shoot we enjoyed a drink at Starbucks and chatted a bit about their wedding day. On my drive home from the shoot I couldn’t help but be 100 times more excited for their wedding! The way Lisa and Eric looked at each other was precious and the kindness they showed one another was something to admire. As a photographer it’s a dream come true (at least for me) to have a couple that truly adores and cherishes each other… Lisa and Eric were this kind of couple.

They were not only kind to one another, but they were genuinely great to me as well. It was so nice chatting with them for over a year planning their engagement shoot and then their wedding… When their big day finally arrived I couldn’t have been happier! Their wedding was PERFECT! The weather was amazing… It rained for a short while, but thankfully we were in a pavilion and were able to stay dry. With the amazing smell from the rain was also incredible light (dream come true!).

Eric and Lisa had an intimate wedding ceremony at Black Canyon Inn… One of my favorite venues to work at! The views are absolutely breathtaking and the staff is kind and helpful in so many ways! Following the wedding was a super fun reception at Twin Owls Steakhouse. The food their is amazing!!

Brigette at Floral Design of Europe created gorgeous floral arrangements that smelt incredible.

Marci at Colorado Rose Cake Co. designed a unique and stunning cake… I love the flowers flowing down and around the front. Not only was it visually marvelous… It also tasted AMAZING! (as always) 🙂

James Davis played such beautiful music during both the ceremony and reception!

Lisa and Eric were headed to Austria shortly after their wedding… How exciting!! What an incredible adventure to have as a newly married couple.

I wish them both all the love and happiness in the world as they begin this new chapter in their lives… 🙂


*Cinque Terre, Italy*

The transportation systems in Italy were a bit unorganized and inaccurate at times… However, once we arrived to the Italian coastal town of Vernazza… The hassle proved to be completely worth it! WOW! The ocean was breathtaking, the houses were so colorful, the people were incredibly friendly, the food was amazing… we were in PARADISE!  We spent 3 nights in this gorgeous small town. Our first full day in town we spent laying on the rocky beach and when we were too hot we decided to jump into the water…. hmm… well, that was ICE COLD! Once we spent 10 minutes slowly acclimating to the water, we dove right in and even jumped off a rock into the ocean! The next day we took the train to a neighboring town and explored… Everywhere we turned was a stunning landscape that looked like a painting. We went to the market in the evening and grabbed food and had dinner picnics by the bay and watched the sunset over the ocean… It really doesn’t get much better!! Fell in love with this small town on the coast of Italy!! MY husband is so insanely handsome! 🙂 He’s pretty incredible! I get butterflies when I am around him… Even after being together for almost 9 years! He takes my breath away and I feel so utterly blessed to be his wife. I truly treasure our moments that we shared on this European adventure!

Dad & Krissy!!

I am so grateful for these two people… They have been supportive of everything in my life and I am so thankful for all that they have done for me!!! I would not have not been able to have my European adventure without them and I will forever be grateful!! I had such an amazing time with them in Paris and Italy!

I love you both! 🙂

Paris – A dream come true adventure

What a dream come true being able to visit Paris!

When my sister and I were younger we would watch the movie Passport to Paris over and over and since then it has always been a dream to go to Paris… Many years later that dream became a reality! I could not have been happier when my family decided to take a European vacation… Paris was the first stop on the trip. We spent an amazing six days walking all over the city, touring museums and church’s, sipping latte’s in cafes, eating incredible food, climbing more stairs than I have in my entire life, having lunch in parks and picnics at the Eiffel Tower… Needless to say, Paris was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

parisNotre Dame was beautiful inside and out… We climbed the many stairs to the top of the towers and it proved to be worth the trek! WOW. We had an incredible view of Paris from the top. The gargoyles were pretty awesome too!

paris-1I loved the architecture in Paris… The buildings, church’s, cafe’s, cobblestone paths… were all so romantic and unique! It was so great to stumble upon small beautiful gardens in the midst of a very crowded city.

paris-3One of my favorite things was walking the streets and noticing the small things… Something that continued to stick out to me were the doors. They were different shapes, sizes, colors and so unique! Loved them!

paris-4It was so much fun to wander the streets and stumble upon such amazing sights… I loved walking along the Seine river!

paris-5paris-6paris-7The Eiffel Tower was more amazing then I imagined it would be!

paris-8The Louvre was so amazing… it’s architecture was stunning. I loved the sculptures!

paris-10Being in Paris was amazing, but what made it even better was being able to share such an incredible adventure with my husband! We were blessed enough to celebrate our first anniversary here.. It was quite romantic (not sure how we’ll top that next year)!! 🙂 We will treasure these memories forever!


Jonathan & Amanda’s European photoshoot!

I had the amazing pleasure of traveling to Europe with my family last month. It was an incredible trip with so much laughter and exploring places we had never seen… We spent the first week of our trip in Paris. It was such an incredible place! One of my favorite parts about being in Paris with another couple was being able to photograph them wherever we went! 🙂 Here’s a few shots of my sister and her boyfriend on our second day wandering all over the city…

One evening we decided to wander to the Eiffel Tower and do a photo shoot at sunset. They brought a bottle of wine and a blanket… Can you imagine a more romantic evening?? A picnic in the grass at the base of the Eiffel Tower at sunset… 🙂 It was so much fun to laugh with them and capture the tenderness and love that they feel for one another. They are truly a beautiful couple that I am blessed to call family 🙂

On the metro heading to the Eiffel Tower…

There was music playing, people laughing and dancing… It was the perfect setting for a relaxing sunset photoshoot!

and then the wine ran out…. :0

loved the light once the sun began to set…

I love black and white photos! I am always drawn into the emotion in a photo faster. Here’s a few of my favorites in black and white…

They are such a genuinely loving and kind couple.. It’s a beautiful thing to capture!

Cheers to an amazing time in Paris!

After Paris we headed to Vernazza, one of the 5 small coastal towns in Cinque Terre, Italy. It was a relaxing getaway! We ate amazing food, laid on the beach, swam in the freezing cold ocean, hung our cloths to dry outside the bedroom window… Such an amazing and fun place!

I captured these images one evening after we had a dinner picnic by the bay…