Merry Christmas!!!

I had an adventurous Christmas this year! It was my first Christmas as a married lady! 🙂 We were all over the place and I have to admit… It was so much fun!!

A few days before Christmas we had dinner and a night of fun at my dads house. It was a great time and we had so much fun setting up the tripod and hooking up my NEW camera to it 🙂 My family can be a little weird….

On Christmas Eve we headed to my in-laws house for Christmas brunch (so yummy!) After opening presents we took a few photos and headed to the movie theater to see THE HOBBIT! Amazing movie!!!! I love my NEW family 🙂

Christmas Day we went to my moms house for a day full of fun and family! I spent the afternoon helping my mom cook dinner (which is probably why I never got out of my PJs… oops!!). We watched a movie, played games, open presents, took photos and just had too much fun! It was an amazing Christmas!!!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!!

The Holcomb Family Christmas Shoot!

My sweet best friend, Kasie and her hubby Phil recently bought and moved into their first house!! It’s a beautiful home and Kasie has already decorated it so nicely for Christmas! It was a pleasure to take some family photos of them in front of their Christmas tree with their new pup Lily and Cat Spartan . Kasie and I have been friends since 7th grade and I have loved growing up together! She is an incredible person and i’m blessed that we are best friends! I’m so happy for Kasie & Phil and their new home!!! 🙂  Merry Christmas!!